Saturday, September 09, 2006

Dear Friends and Family,
My humblest apologies for the time that has passed since I was last able to update the blog. With our unplanned return to the United States to attend the funeral of Tiffany’s father and my return back to Cambodia alone, I have not been able organize the pictures of the ministries that we have been involved in over the past weeks. However, now I have been able to put some of the pictures on the blog for all of you to see and enjoy. God has been doing great things here in the church of Cambodia, and I feel privileged to have been involved. In these pictures, you will see the Youth Conference that occurred in Kampong Cham and a baptismal service that took place here in Phnom Penh and then another that took place south of town along the river.

I had a chance to share a devotional at the beginning of the Youth Conference. I shared the four reasons we attend these types of conferences, to have fun, to learn from others, to grow closer to Jesus Christ, and to learn to “Let our Light Shine!”

Dr. Bickert was the featured speaker for the event. His messages about learning to let our light shine made a definite impact on the lives of these youth.

This picture shows the altar call at the end of the conference. Many came forward to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior and others came forward to rededicate their lives and ask for God’s Grace in their lives so that they could be a light to their families and their communities.

These final pictures show some of the fun that we had at the conference. The first picture shows the coconut dance that the students from Kratie (pronounced Kro-chi) did for us.

The second pictures shows Pastor Kimsan’s daughter Cha Na blindly applying makeup to one of her male counterparts.

The final picture shows two of the students exchanging a rubber band between two straws.

In this picture you see Pastor Kahn and a new believer. This baptism took place at Good News Wesleyan Church in Phnom Penh where Pastor Kahn is the assistant pastor.

The river was a beautiful place for a baptism; a great place for these new believers to profess their belief in Jesus Christ.

After the service at the river, the seven new believers and the pastors prayed in the river. It was a beautiful scene of God’s grace shown to us as the Body of Christ.

It is always amazing to see new believers encountering God in these types of events and situations. It is a reminder of the way that God is always working in my own life, and it spurs me on to continue to minister for God. May these pictures and words inspire you to do the same in your own life and in your own circumstances.
Your Brother in Cambodia,
Tim Gallant